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ANZ personal loan Singapore

ANZ personal loan Singapore

While going out and seeking loan facility in a country like Singapore, one has to be complete with their homework and related knowledge. Certainly you want a personal loan with flexible terms and immediate approval that is friendly to your pocket. 

ANZ personal loan in Singapore is quite popular amongst people who want to meet their daily life or any other living necessity. ANZ offers two kinds of loans as in ANZ fixed rate loan and ANZ variable rate loan. As the names suggest, they both have their own features that will assist you through the way. However, these loan amounts can be used for more or less the same purposes. Such as if you need to improvise your home, in need of paying for the new car, surprise your loved one with a holiday plan, need to spend some bucks on your dream wedding, have to travel on an urgent basis or required a collective loan amount to pay off other loans. 

ANZ Variable Rate Loan 

As this form of loan presents you with the ease of paying the loan early and do not charge anything. The rates charged on this loan are 15.99% annually that can be varied as per the financial market trend. This loan type brings you at least $5000 and higher up to $50,000 of the loan amount. You can either pay it off within a year or in the period of seven years. As the loan gets approved, you will be charged $150 for once. 

The bank does not use the amount that is paid extra by the customer. He or she can withdraw it whenever they want, though the conditions applied. With the variable rate loan, the client can get an additional amount of loan on the existing repayment plan. Yes! That sounds so favorable for all those who could be in sudden need of extra money. 

It is advised that the client should apply till midday and from Monday to Friday so that they could get approval in a day. For that, it is necessary that you have an account in the same bank so that the amount will be transferred on the same day. 

ANZ Fixed rate personal loan 

In the fixed rate personal loan, the borrowers are secured from facing the floating interest rates. They just have to stick with the one rate and already decided repayment sum. Even if there is a change occurring in the interest rate, you will have to pay as per the agreed rate. 

The interesting thing about these repayments is that you decide what suits you. It means that you can set the repayment amount as per your feasibility, thus, facing no halt in repaying the loan. 

The interest rate charged on this loan type is 12.45% per annum while if you pay the entire amount before time, then you will have to pay $300 more. The loan duration is also from one to seven years. 

For both of the ANZ loans, you must be above the age of 18 and submit the proper financial details along with the employment ones. The applicant is also required to earn $15,000 yearly.