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Things to know about Cash Advance in Singapore

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Cash Advance is the process of obtaining cash by using a credit card. It seems simple but it has its own terms and conditions that you need to follow strictly. However, cash advance in Singapore is available on easy terms and you might not have to worry about the hassles and pain of the process. Here, we will explain to you how it works and everything that you need to know about the Cash advance.

The first thing that you should know about it is that this is an option that opted by the people when they have tried every other method of loan.

What do you need to know about Cash Advance in Singapore?

Remember that this is essential for you to know about the terms and conditions before you go for this option. It usually comes with high-interest rates and more high fees. So, if you are fully aware of your financing situation so you won’t end up in loss.

How Cash Advance Works in Singapore?

Cash by ATM:

You can take cash by using an ATM, a suitability check or with a bank cashier. You will require a PIN to take cash from an ATM. In case you don’t have a PIN set for your account, contact customer service and ask them to set your card PIN. Once you get that, the process of acquiring cash is the same as the debit cars. There are some major companies in Singapore with some best offers for Cash Advance. So, you can always short-list some of the best and contact the company as soon as possible.

Cash though Convenience Check:

Often credit card corporations refer convenience checks with special proposals to their customers. Convenience checks can be used as ordinary bank checks.

Things you should be careful before taking a Cash Advance

We know that there are still many questions popping up in your mind – but keep reading and you will get some amazing piece of information to stay in the right direction.

When you make a minimum sum using your credit card, the funds are applied to your acquisitions. This happens since most credit card issuers direct minimum payments toward items accruing lesser interests. You can’t mark items while paying your payments. You can’t appeal for capitals to pay off your cash advances before your consumptions.

This is some of the information that you should know before taking a Cash advance. However, it is not entirely possible to get terms and conditions from every credit card company in Singapore. There are some with simple and flexible terms but you should take this risk only after being sure of it.

There are some other types of loan that can help you with your business or any other needs. Use this option only in emergencies when you can’t avail any other option to fulfill your financial need. Even when you are sure, just be sure of the policies of the company too.


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