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Credit 21 is a licensed money lender in Singapore and registered with the Ministry of the law. People prefer this bank because they keep their customer’s personal information at the highest level of confidentiality. Loans, Interest rates, and repayment plans are negotiable which truly meet your needs. 

Credit 21 understands that time is money, they promise you to deliver it on time. Either you need it at large number to buy asset, afford medical expenses or a small number for home renovations, school fees, fast cash or foreigner loan. This bank is your go-to money lender in Singapore. They guarantee to make your loan application hassle-free process. So, just relax and enjoy their services that any customer can only dream about. 

Available Loans:

At one point or another, we all need extra cash and we look for loans on short notice. But you can’t deny this fact that finding the right and legal money lender is not easy. At such times If you find someone who gives you the fast loan as you need it and at affordable interest rates and repayment plans. Credit 21 is like a blessing to you because it gives you all that you are looking for. Whatever you need get it quickly with Credit 21. It offers you a variety of loans. 

Payday Loans: Unlike other loans, applying for a payday loan is very easy and fast.  Credit 21 offers you the facility to apply online. Start your payday loan application from the comfort of your home.

Foreigner loans: Now foreigners can apply for “Foreigner loan” in their financial needs with all the benefits that they deserve. It involves a simple process that is not demanding and has no restrictions. Credit 21 gives financial freedom to foreigners to cover their expenses. 

Wedding Loans: A wedding is the most important event in any person’s life.  But having a perfect and grand wedding costs you much. We ensure to make your life-changing event luxurious. Get an affordable wedding loan to fund your big day through our easy application process.

Renovation Loans: After getting keys to your dream house, first you want to do is to renovate your home. It can include; change the flooring, repaint the house, and much more. Renovating a home is not cheap. Our home renovating loan helps you in building your ideal home.

Weight loss loan: Getting weight loss surgeries is one of the solutions to get rid of extra fat. But it needs huge funds. If you are lack of funds to have better weight loss surgery, don’t worry.  We offer you wonderful weight loss loan packages at low-interest rates.

Domestic Helper Loans:  You may be earning a handsome salary but there will a time comes when you are short of cash and need extra money in some emergencies. You may need money to send back to your hometown. Credit 21 understands your situation and offers you a flexible domestic helper loan package with a simple application process.

Among those loans, Credit 21 offers you many other loans i-e. business loans, plastic surgery loans, Grabtaxi driver loans, short term loans, luxury goods loans, dental loans, jewelry loans, and furniture loans, etc. There is no shame in getting loans. As they help us with our poor financial needs.


Things to know before applying for a loan:

  • Before borrowing money ask yourself if you are ready to sign all terms or conditions. And you are able to repay (keep in mind your income and expenses). So, borrow only what you need.
  • Before applying for a loan, you should confirm whether the money lender is licensed or not. You can check the names of licensed moneylenders from the list given by the government. Being licensed doesn’t give them any right to use abusive language with you, ask for retaining your NRIC, and SingPass user ID or password. If you find them doing so you can report them to the registry of money lenders.

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to get loans, you must fulfill certain criteria.

For Singaporean:

  • The age should be above 21.
  • He/She should not be an un-discharged bankrupt.
  • Must have a valid proof of income.
  • Original IC.

For Foreigner:

  • The age should be above 21.
  • Billing proof.
  • Work permit.
  • He/She should not be an un-discharged bankrupt.

How much you can borrow:

Credit 21 offers you different kinds of loan packages. Pick one which suits you the most.

  1. Borrow up to S$3,000 if your annual salary is less than S$ 20,000.
  2. Up to 2X of your monthly salary, if your annual income is S$ 20,000 or more.
  3. Up to 4X of your monthly salary, if your annual income is S# 30,000 or more.
  4. Borrow any amount of money if your annual income is S$120,000.

Interest rates & Repayment Methods:

As Credit 21 is working under a government so maximum interest rate it can charge is 4% per month. Fees for late repayments will be S$60 for each month of late repayment. We offer you different kinds of repayment plans. Equal payments, Equal Instalments, and fixed Equal payments. The repayment amount affected by interest rates.   

When you know the period of loan tenure and can afford a change in repayment amounts choose Equal repayments. When you can pay a huge amount of money at the beginning go for Equal installments. The repayment amount varies accordingly; a little increase in the interest rate causes an increment in repayment amount and a decrease in the interest rate causes a decrement in repayment amount. And when you know how much you are going to pay Fixed Equal Payment should be your choice. Increment in interest rate extends the tenure period and decrement in interest rate shortens the tenure period. 

You can make repayments through Cheque, Cash, and transfer funds via online baking.

News Credit 21:

Singapore is one of the few countries who has the honor to adopt new technologies. Even when Samsung, Apple, and Google wanted to test the viability of their contactless cashless payment system they picked Singapore. And now Credit 21 provides you cashless payment services. Singapore can get you Samsung and Apple services in the Association of Southeastern Asian Nations (ASEAN). Samsung pay supports American Express, Mastercard and Visa while Apple pay supports American Express Cards.

Note: Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are now payment methods in Singapore, especially for like SingTel, Starhub, and M1 (Telecommunication Companies).

Customer reviews:

Credit 21 is Singaporeans #1 choice to get loans. Moreover, it is one of the oldest banks providing their services in Singapore but still has got 2.3/5 rating on the internet. People have their reasons. Come on let’s listen to them.

“Never will go again, the collector is so rude. You’ll regret visiting them.” ~Nicholas Kong

“They called at my given contact as a reference like boss or supervisor and tell them I borrowed money and don’t return yet. That was so embarrassing” ~ Dickson Deny

Reviews help you judging the bank’s repute. We’ve read bad reviews but still, someone should not trust on the basis of online reviews. There are many satisfied customers out there too.  Many things depend on your analytics so, choose what is best for you.


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