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U Credit (Pte) Ltd. It is a professional licensed money lending company that offers a variety of financial loans to suit customers’ requirements. It also provides legal financial loans to Singaporeans, Singapore PRs and foreigners holding valid employment pass in Singapore. Their top priority is to help customers manage financial emergencies in life.

U Credit offers you the most reasonable interest rates in Singapore. They are the most trusted money lenders for all kinds of loans in the country. If you are a foreigner in the country and find yourself struggling with cash flow issues. This is where U Credit foreigner loan comes into the picture. As a foreigner, you have the advantage to get a flexible loan to meet your financial needs. Whatever your emergency is you can access quick cash to sort out your problems.  

Available Loans:

Personal Loan: A personal loan is money borrowed from a moneylender that you pay back in fixed monthly payments or installments. Most personal loans are “unsecured” means you are not required to provide a collateral. U credit (Pte) Ltd offers personal loans with a tailored package you are guaranteed that all your financial needs will be met and yet it will be easy to repay the loan.

Vacation Loan: Vacation loans are like a personal loan but are tailored to be more affordable compared to credit cards and personal loans. With a U Credit vacation loan, you get to choose a flexible package that suits your expenses and financial situation. 

Foreigner Loan: When you are in a foreign country getting a loan can be daunting and like any other citizen a foreigner can face a financial crisis at any time. U credit helps to take the burden off of your shoulder and help you out of your crisis. These loans are highly flexible and are tailored to meet your financial needs. You can get access to quick cash to sort the problem out. 

Fast Cash Loan: If you are struggling with your day to day finances and need quick access to cash to sort out an emergency then you can consider a fast cash loan from U Credit. These loans are suited for short term expenses and are a quick way out to take care of your financial emergency.

Business Loan: Singapore has a large number of small business enterprises. There are many people who have made their dreams into reality and created successful businesses in the country. If you are an entrepreneur in Singapore U Credit is here to help you achieve your dream and make it a reality by providing you with a business loan to help you start-up and get your business up and running.

Things to know before applying for a loan:

If you find yourself in need of financial assistance you can apply for a loan at U Credit (Pte) Ltd. There are a number of types of loans depending on your situation. While most borrowers may only focus on the cost of a loan there are a number of other equally important factors to consider before taking a loan. Here is a loss of a few of these.

  • Before going to a moneylender, consider other alternatives, like some financial assistance schemes offered by government agencies. 
  • You are legally obligated to fulfill any loan contract you enter into with a licensed money lender.
  • Think about whether you’ll be able to abide by the terms and conditions in the contract. Consider your financial obligations and your source of income. Only borrow what you need and are able to pay.
  • The law requires moneylenders to explain the terms and conditions of a loan to you in simple words and provide you with a copy of the contract. Make sure that you completely understand the terms and condition of the contract with respect to repayment schedule the interest rate charged and fees applicable.
  • You should consider all alternatives for the most favorable terms and not rush into a loan until you are satisfied with the terms and conditions.

Eligibility Criteria:

You need to fulfill the following requirements in order to loan from U Credit.

  • Age between 21 to 65
  • Permanent residence.
  • Annual income between S$ 30,000 to S$ 120,000.
  • Proof of residence
  • Good credit score
  • A copy of passport, visa or work permit

How much you can borrow:

U Credit offers multiple kinds of loan packages. You can select the one which suits you the most.

  • A person can borrow up to S$3,000 if his annual salary is less than S$ 20,000.
  • A person can borrow up to 2X of his monthly salary if his annual income is S$ 20,000 or more.
  • A person can borrow up to 4X of his monthly salary if his annual income is S# 30,000 or more.
  • A person can borrow any amount of money if his annual income is S$120,000.

Interest rates & Repayment Methods:

The interest rate is a key factor that you should consider while getting a loan. The maximum interest rate moneylenders can charge is 4% per month.  If a borrower fails to repay the loan on time, the maximum rate of interest a moneylender can charge is 4% per month for each month the loan is repaid late.

You can make repayments through Cheque, Cash, and transfer funds via online baking. There are different methods of repayment.  Equal repayments: This is a good way to repay your loan throughout the tenure period repayment amount remains the same. Choose Equal installments when you are willing to pay a large amount of money as installments at the beginning of the tenure period. You pay an equal amount of money in the entire tenure period in the Fixed Equal Payment method.

Newsroom U Credit:

U Credit’s newsroom is full of new and unique loan packages. Let’s take a quick look at 2019 latest loan packages.

Wedding Loan: Marriage and wedding are probably one of the most important decisions and events in a person’s life. Most couples dream of having the perfect wedding where the brides wear beautiful wedding gowns and the groom puts on suits that make them look more handsome than ever. Weddings are an event full of happiness and joy where friends and families shower the couple with blessings.

However, the wedding cost is not low in Singapore may it be a traditional Malay wedding, Indian wedding or a western wedding the entire event can cost up to thousands of dollars. U Credit (Pte) Ltd. Has a simple solution to this problem, should one require financial help wedding loans are a good source of support.

Short Term loan: Short term loans are for people who need fast cash for multiple urgent reasons. These are unsecured loans and a person has to qualify for them. Financial emergencies come up from time to time and we help by giving you cash on the spot, provided that you meet our requirements. We ask for particular documents that you would have to submit along with your application.

Address: 1 North Bridge Rd, #01-35, Singapore 179094
Open ⋅ Closes 7:30PM
Phone: +65 6777 8080


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