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Crawfort (Singapore’s leading Fintech) is changing the way you transfer money, Traditional Money Lending doesn’t work anymore

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Most dynamic and emerging Fintech start-up of Singapore, Crawfort is changing the way people used to do money borrowing and lending.

Managing finances for you individually or as a company is not an easy task in fact maintaining fluid cash flow is a challenge for many Singaporeans. In Singapore, large numbers of people have people very limited credit access.

The good news is that your worries are now over because in cases where such help is needed, now there is a premier licensed microfinance company, Crawfort has tailor-made financial solutions for you. Crawfort was founded by two brothers called John and James Cheow. Crawfort is leading the way when it comes to creating innovative and dynamic solutions for moneylending which are not like your traditional models of moneylending; instead, it is bringing it into a new era of technology-enabled consumer finance.

As said by the CIO Mr John Cheow: “Our experience as entrepreneurs has made us realize how hard it is to access capital when you need it the most. Because of this, we identify and empathize with others like us, and want to help individuals, and small and medium enterprises, who need access to credit facilities.”

Bringing a revolution to financial market

Crawfort was founded eight years ago in 2011, the Fintech has successfully driven innovation and excitement on the emergence of smart digital processes. With these capabilities in capacity, the Fintech was able to reach a new high in providing smooth flow of internal processes and efficiently assigning resources to achieve greater results and productivity.

Now, Crawfort is the most trusted financial firm offering a wide range of loans ranging from personal, business to bridging, for a wide range of customers. The firm has seen an upward growth in returning customers which is a sign of its quality of service and appeal of its comprehensive range of products. Serving as further evidence of its excellent customer service standards and delivery, Crawfort has achieved around96 percent customer satisfaction reviews.

 Mr James Cheow, the CEO of Crawfort once said: “At Crawfort, customers are our primary focus. Sincerity, respect, and empathy are at the heart of our corporate culture and we believe excellent customer service is a direct reflection of these values.

We build trust through the way we’ve approached customer service, and we place a huge emphasis on building a partnership with our customers. We treat every customer with the utmost respect, and we like to make them feel at home. Over time, because of this, we have come to gain their trust and confidence.”

Pioneering the new ways

Even though the government’s implementation of new rules for moneylending, which has largely reduced the industry in terms of a number of lenders, Crawfort has stayed updated with these changes and has witnessed even faster growth. Through implementing new ideas and its approach as a whole to conducting business, it has looked to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack and is continually changing perceptions around moneylending.

Crawfort offers the best customer service and hospitality. It conducts transfers in a comfortable and welcoming environment and provides prompt service delivery through quality customer care. Its onboarding and approval processes also provide customers with a simple and seamless experience in applying for access to credit facilities.

Crawfort attracts the new generations of customers who are seeking an intuitive and impeccable user experience. Crawfort has employed the use of efficient solutions to process its loan applications using custom made algorithmic formulas in its predictive scoring credit methodologies. Crawfort’s approval process is fast and delivers responsible lending, it does not compromise on compliance and face-to-face customer screening.

Additionally, Mr John Cheow: “We’ve always sought to be a pioneer in the industry in many respects. For instance, we were the first moneylending business to use AXS and SAM machines and post offices for repayment transactions. Thanks to our adoption of the best of today’s technology, we have optimized internal processes, and this has translated to happy customers.”


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