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RHB personal loan Singapore

RHB personal loan

One of the renowned banks in Singapore, RHB has been serving clients for years and many of the banking customers prefer going to them for this purpose. In Singapore, it is not easy to obtain personal loan and on the favorable interest rates. The RHB has come up with the consumer friendly term’./]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]=s that has made borrowing possible. 

The personal loan by RHB offers a number of loan options in this regard, such as small business loan, house loan, refurbishment loan, furniture loan, education loan, etc. the distinctive feature about having loan with RHB is that you get a 3.888% rate in the first three months and then the rate increases according to the regulations after that. It encourages you to pay off your debt as soon as possible. 

Some of the type of personal loans that you can apply for, are:

Education loan 

Nothing is possible in life without an education and that is possible when you have a degree from a good institution. The interest charged to the students is very nominal that it becomes easy for them to repay the amount. The repayment plans are also very friendly that enables you to pay either after completing your graduation or on a monthly basis by getting the installments. This allows you to make career choices more openly. The repayment duration could be as long as ten years. 

Home loan 

Having one’s own home in Singapore is so ideal and it is not impossible anymore too. With the RHB loan, things have become less complicated when you can apply for a loan amount and get it on the immediate basis. The home loan can be paid off as stretchy as 30 years or as quickly as within five years. Apart from that the loan is provided on two variable rate packages that is on a building under construction or on completing properties. The interest rates are decided as per loan is issued, after 3 months as the client will get a letter of offer. It is better if you keep all the documents in place so that the process could be initiated as soon as possible. 

Home renovation loan 

Buying your home is not the only dream that you have, there is a need of renovation as well. With the RHB renovation loan, you can get at least S$30,000. The loan can be repaid within 5 years with the different interest rates vary from $15,000 to $30,000 from the amount. The processing fees are one percent as per interest rate. The bank offers you an amount that is 6 times higher than your existing salary. The bank authorities also contact you if you fill in your details on the online form. 

Conclusively, the loan can be gotten for any purpose while meeting all the requirements of the bank. The tip that all of the borrowers must follow is that try to meet your repayment schedule to avoid being in the bad debt category. When you make repayment on time, it makes it possible for you to reapply for the loan in the future.

What do you need to know about Unsecured Loans in Singapore?

unsecured loan singapore

The world is evolving at a fast pace. Similar to the needs of people are moving in the fast lane. Most of the people are stuck in situations where they need financial assistance. Savings are not enough they approach for bank loans. Well, further bank loans are divided into different categories to ease the facility of loans. One of the kinds that are most feasible and avail by the people of Singapore are Unsecured loans. Well, there are many benefits but as well as some cons of this loan. So, before you are going to avail the opportunity, just make sure that it is suitable for your position and not damaging anything directly.

Information is necessary for you to get the right loan and make a decision that is beneficial for your financial situation. This information will not only save from any trouble but you can ensure the security of your assets.

Banks might have a little difference in the policy but rates are almost the same. However, we will help you to understand the basics of Unsecured loans in Singapore in a precise manner. Just explore the article and you will get the information.

What is an unsecured loan?

Unsecured Loans are also preferred as personal loans. It is clear by the name that it is dependent on borrowers credit score. These loans are avail without any security of assets. A person must have high credit to get his loan approved.

Types of Unsecured Loans

These unsecured loans have different types which can include personal loans and student loans.

  1. Revolving loan: the loan can be spent, repaid and spent again. It is more like credit cards.
  2. Term Loan: this is the type of loan in which a person is responsible to pay equal installments till all payments are done by the term.
  3. Consolidation Loan: pay off credit cards or signature loans fall in the category of consolidation loans and also unsecured loans.

What you should be concerned about the loan?

If a borrower defaults on a secured loan, the lender can reclaim the collateral to earn the losses. On the contrary, if a borrower avoidances on an unsecured loan, the lender cannot claim assets. However, the lender can take other actions, such as ordering a collection agency to assemble the debt or taking the borrower to the law court. If the court rules in the lender’s favor, the borrower’s pays may be enhanced, a lien may be located on the borrower’s home or the borrower may be otherwise ordered to pay the debt. However, before the approval. The borrower needs to understand the criticality and need of the loan. So, before you file for approval, ensure that you have complete clarity on your needs. Take guidance from a different lender. It is always good to have different options. A slight change in the policy can make it feasible for you. Therefore, do not forget to do your research before applying for Unsecured loan in Singapore. 

U Credit (Pte) Ltd

U Credit (Pte) Ltd. singapore

U Credit (Pte) Ltd. It is a professional licensed money lending company that offers a variety of financial loans to suit customers’ requirements. It also provides legal financial loans to Singaporeans, Singapore PRs and foreigners holding valid employment pass in Singapore. Their top priority is to help customers manage financial emergencies in life.

U Credit offers you the most reasonable interest rates in Singapore. They are the most trusted money lenders for all kinds of loans in the country. If you are a foreigner in the country and find yourself struggling with cash flow issues. This is where U Credit foreigner loan comes into the picture. As a foreigner, you have the advantage to get a flexible loan to meet your financial needs. Whatever your emergency is you can access quick cash to sort out your problems.  

Available Loans:

Personal Loan: A personal loan is money borrowed from a moneylender that you pay back in fixed monthly payments or installments. Most personal loans are “unsecured” means you are not required to provide a collateral. U credit (Pte) Ltd offers personal loans with a tailored package you are guaranteed that all your financial needs will be met and yet it will be easy to repay the loan.

Vacation Loan: Vacation loans are like a personal loan but are tailored to be more affordable compared to credit cards and personal loans. With a U Credit vacation loan, you get to choose a flexible package that suits your expenses and financial situation. 

Foreigner Loan: When you are in a foreign country getting a loan can be daunting and like any other citizen a foreigner can face a financial crisis at any time. U credit helps to take the burden off of your shoulder and help you out of your crisis. These loans are highly flexible and are tailored to meet your financial needs. You can get access to quick cash to sort the problem out. 

Fast Cash Loan: If you are struggling with your day to day finances and need quick access to cash to sort out an emergency then you can consider a fast cash loan from U Credit. These loans are suited for short term expenses and are a quick way out to take care of your financial emergency.

Business Loan: Singapore has a large number of small business enterprises. There are many people who have made their dreams into reality and created successful businesses in the country. If you are an entrepreneur in Singapore U Credit is here to help you achieve your dream and make it a reality by providing you with a business loan to help you start-up and get your business up and running.

Things to know before applying for a loan:

If you find yourself in need of financial assistance you can apply for a loan at U Credit (Pte) Ltd. There are a number of types of loans depending on your situation. While most borrowers may only focus on the cost of a loan there are a number of other equally important factors to consider before taking a loan. Here is a loss of a few of these.

  • Before going to a moneylender, consider other alternatives, like some financial assistance schemes offered by government agencies. 
  • You are legally obligated to fulfill any loan contract you enter into with a licensed money lender.
  • Think about whether you’ll be able to abide by the terms and conditions in the contract. Consider your financial obligations and your source of income. Only borrow what you need and are able to pay.
  • The law requires moneylenders to explain the terms and conditions of a loan to you in simple words and provide you with a copy of the contract. Make sure that you completely understand the terms and condition of the contract with respect to repayment schedule the interest rate charged and fees applicable.
  • You should consider all alternatives for the most favorable terms and not rush into a loan until you are satisfied with the terms and conditions.

Eligibility Criteria:

You need to fulfill the following requirements in order to loan from U Credit.

  • Age between 21 to 65
  • Permanent residence.
  • Annual income between S$ 30,000 to S$ 120,000.
  • Proof of residence
  • Good credit score
  • A copy of passport, visa or work permit

How much you can borrow:

U Credit offers multiple kinds of loan packages. You can select the one which suits you the most.

  • A person can borrow up to S$3,000 if his annual salary is less than S$ 20,000.
  • A person can borrow up to 2X of his monthly salary if his annual income is S$ 20,000 or more.
  • A person can borrow up to 4X of his monthly salary if his annual income is S# 30,000 or more.
  • A person can borrow any amount of money if his annual income is S$120,000.

Interest rates & Repayment Methods:

The interest rate is a key factor that you should consider while getting a loan. The maximum interest rate moneylenders can charge is 4% per month.  If a borrower fails to repay the loan on time, the maximum rate of interest a moneylender can charge is 4% per month for each month the loan is repaid late.

You can make repayments through Cheque, Cash, and transfer funds via online baking. There are different methods of repayment.  Equal repayments: This is a good way to repay your loan throughout the tenure period repayment amount remains the same. Choose Equal installments when you are willing to pay a large amount of money as installments at the beginning of the tenure period. You pay an equal amount of money in the entire tenure period in the Fixed Equal Payment method.

Newsroom U Credit:

U Credit’s newsroom is full of new and unique loan packages. Let’s take a quick look at 2019 latest loan packages.

Wedding Loan: Marriage and wedding are probably one of the most important decisions and events in a person’s life. Most couples dream of having the perfect wedding where the brides wear beautiful wedding gowns and the groom puts on suits that make them look more handsome than ever. Weddings are an event full of happiness and joy where friends and families shower the couple with blessings.

However, the wedding cost is not low in Singapore may it be a traditional Malay wedding, Indian wedding or a western wedding the entire event can cost up to thousands of dollars. U Credit (Pte) Ltd. Has a simple solution to this problem, should one require financial help wedding loans are a good source of support.

Short Term loan: Short term loans are for people who need fast cash for multiple urgent reasons. These are unsecured loans and a person has to qualify for them. Financial emergencies come up from time to time and we help by giving you cash on the spot, provided that you meet our requirements. We ask for particular documents that you would have to submit along with your application.

Address: 1 North Bridge Rd, #01-35, Singapore 179094
Open ⋅ Closes 7:30PM
Phone: +65 6777 8080

Credit 21 Pte. Ltd.

Credit 21 Pte. Ltd.

Credit 21 is a licensed money lender in Singapore and registered with the Ministry of the law. People prefer this bank because they keep their customer’s personal information at the highest level of confidentiality. Loans, Interest rates, and repayment plans are negotiable which truly meet your needs. 

Credit 21 understands that time is money, they promise you to deliver it on time. Either you need it at large number to buy asset, afford medical expenses or a small number for home renovations, school fees, fast cash or foreigner loan. This bank is your go-to money lender in Singapore. They guarantee to make your loan application hassle-free process. So, just relax and enjoy their services that any customer can only dream about. 

Available Loans:

At one point or another, we all need extra cash and we look for loans on short notice. But you can’t deny this fact that finding the right and legal money lender is not easy. At such times If you find someone who gives you the fast loan as you need it and at affordable interest rates and repayment plans. Credit 21 is like a blessing to you because it gives you all that you are looking for. Whatever you need get it quickly with Credit 21. It offers you a variety of loans. 

Payday Loans: Unlike other loans, applying for a payday loan is very easy and fast.  Credit 21 offers you the facility to apply online. Start your payday loan application from the comfort of your home.

Foreigner loans: Now foreigners can apply for “Foreigner loan” in their financial needs with all the benefits that they deserve. It involves a simple process that is not demanding and has no restrictions. Credit 21 gives financial freedom to foreigners to cover their expenses. 

Wedding Loans: A wedding is the most important event in any person’s life.  But having a perfect and grand wedding costs you much. We ensure to make your life-changing event luxurious. Get an affordable wedding loan to fund your big day through our easy application process.

Renovation Loans: After getting keys to your dream house, first you want to do is to renovate your home. It can include; change the flooring, repaint the house, and much more. Renovating a home is not cheap. Our home renovating loan helps you in building your ideal home.

Weight loss loan: Getting weight loss surgeries is one of the solutions to get rid of extra fat. But it needs huge funds. If you are lack of funds to have better weight loss surgery, don’t worry.  We offer you wonderful weight loss loan packages at low-interest rates.

Domestic Helper Loans:  You may be earning a handsome salary but there will a time comes when you are short of cash and need extra money in some emergencies. You may need money to send back to your hometown. Credit 21 understands your situation and offers you a flexible domestic helper loan package with a simple application process.

Among those loans, Credit 21 offers you many other loans i-e. business loans, plastic surgery loans, Grabtaxi driver loans, short term loans, luxury goods loans, dental loans, jewelry loans, and furniture loans, etc. There is no shame in getting loans. As they help us with our poor financial needs.


Things to know before applying for a loan:

  • Before borrowing money ask yourself if you are ready to sign all terms or conditions. And you are able to repay (keep in mind your income and expenses). So, borrow only what you need.
  • Before applying for a loan, you should confirm whether the money lender is licensed or not. You can check the names of licensed moneylenders from the list given by the government. Being licensed doesn’t give them any right to use abusive language with you, ask for retaining your NRIC, and SingPass user ID or password. If you find them doing so you can report them to the registry of money lenders.

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to get loans, you must fulfill certain criteria.

For Singaporean:

  • The age should be above 21.
  • He/She should not be an un-discharged bankrupt.
  • Must have a valid proof of income.
  • Original IC.

For Foreigner:

  • The age should be above 21.
  • Billing proof.
  • Work permit.
  • He/She should not be an un-discharged bankrupt.

How much you can borrow:

Credit 21 offers you different kinds of loan packages. Pick one which suits you the most.

  1. Borrow up to S$3,000 if your annual salary is less than S$ 20,000.
  2. Up to 2X of your monthly salary, if your annual income is S$ 20,000 or more.
  3. Up to 4X of your monthly salary, if your annual income is S# 30,000 or more.
  4. Borrow any amount of money if your annual income is S$120,000.

Interest rates & Repayment Methods:

As Credit 21 is working under a government so maximum interest rate it can charge is 4% per month. Fees for late repayments will be S$60 for each month of late repayment. We offer you different kinds of repayment plans. Equal payments, Equal Instalments, and fixed Equal payments. The repayment amount affected by interest rates.   

When you know the period of loan tenure and can afford a change in repayment amounts choose Equal repayments. When you can pay a huge amount of money at the beginning go for Equal installments. The repayment amount varies accordingly; a little increase in the interest rate causes an increment in repayment amount and a decrease in the interest rate causes a decrement in repayment amount. And when you know how much you are going to pay Fixed Equal Payment should be your choice. Increment in interest rate extends the tenure period and decrement in interest rate shortens the tenure period. 

You can make repayments through Cheque, Cash, and transfer funds via online baking.

News Credit 21:

Singapore is one of the few countries who has the honor to adopt new technologies. Even when Samsung, Apple, and Google wanted to test the viability of their contactless cashless payment system they picked Singapore. And now Credit 21 provides you cashless payment services. Singapore can get you Samsung and Apple services in the Association of Southeastern Asian Nations (ASEAN). Samsung pay supports American Express, Mastercard and Visa while Apple pay supports American Express Cards.

Note: Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are now payment methods in Singapore, especially for like SingTel, Starhub, and M1 (Telecommunication Companies).

Customer reviews:

Credit 21 is Singaporeans #1 choice to get loans. Moreover, it is one of the oldest banks providing their services in Singapore but still has got 2.3/5 rating on the internet. People have their reasons. Come on let’s listen to them.

“Never will go again, the collector is so rude. You’ll regret visiting them.” ~Nicholas Kong

“They called at my given contact as a reference like boss or supervisor and tell them I borrowed money and don’t return yet. That was so embarrassing” ~ Dickson Deny

Reviews help you judging the bank’s repute. We’ve read bad reviews but still, someone should not trust on the basis of online reviews. There are many satisfied customers out there too.  Many things depend on your analytics so, choose what is best for you.

ANZ personal loan Singapore

ANZ personal loan Singapore

While going out and seeking loan facility in a country like Singapore, one has to be complete with their homework and related knowledge. Certainly you want a personal loan with flexible terms and immediate approval that is friendly to your pocket. 

ANZ personal loan in Singapore is quite popular amongst people who want to meet their daily life or any other living necessity. ANZ offers two kinds of loans as in ANZ fixed rate loan and ANZ variable rate loan. As the names suggest, they both have their own features that will assist you through the way. However, these loan amounts can be used for more or less the same purposes. Such as if you need to improvise your home, in need of paying for the new car, surprise your loved one with a holiday plan, need to spend some bucks on your dream wedding, have to travel on an urgent basis or required a collective loan amount to pay off other loans. 

ANZ Variable Rate Loan 

As this form of loan presents you with the ease of paying the loan early and do not charge anything. The rates charged on this loan are 15.99% annually that can be varied as per the financial market trend. This loan type brings you at least $5000 and higher up to $50,000 of the loan amount. You can either pay it off within a year or in the period of seven years. As the loan gets approved, you will be charged $150 for once. 

The bank does not use the amount that is paid extra by the customer. He or she can withdraw it whenever they want, though the conditions applied. With the variable rate loan, the client can get an additional amount of loan on the existing repayment plan. Yes! That sounds so favorable for all those who could be in sudden need of extra money. 

It is advised that the client should apply till midday and from Monday to Friday so that they could get approval in a day. For that, it is necessary that you have an account in the same bank so that the amount will be transferred on the same day. 

ANZ Fixed rate personal loan 

In the fixed rate personal loan, the borrowers are secured from facing the floating interest rates. They just have to stick with the one rate and already decided repayment sum. Even if there is a change occurring in the interest rate, you will have to pay as per the agreed rate. 

The interesting thing about these repayments is that you decide what suits you. It means that you can set the repayment amount as per your feasibility, thus, facing no halt in repaying the loan. 

The interest rate charged on this loan type is 12.45% per annum while if you pay the entire amount before time, then you will have to pay $300 more. The loan duration is also from one to seven years. 

For both of the ANZ loans, you must be above the age of 18 and submit the proper financial details along with the employment ones. The applicant is also required to earn $15,000 yearly.

Crawfort (Singapore’s leading Fintech) is changing the way you transfer money, Traditional Money Lending doesn’t work anymore

Money transfer

Most dynamic and emerging Fintech start-up of Singapore, Crawfort is changing the way people used to do money borrowing and lending.

Managing finances for you individually or as a company is not an easy task in fact maintaining fluid cash flow is a challenge for many Singaporeans. In Singapore, large numbers of people have people very limited credit access.

The good news is that your worries are now over because in cases where such help is needed, now there is a premier licensed microfinance company, Crawfort has tailor-made financial solutions for you. Crawfort was founded by two brothers called John and James Cheow. Crawfort is leading the way when it comes to creating innovative and dynamic solutions for moneylending which are not like your traditional models of moneylending; instead, it is bringing it into a new era of technology-enabled consumer finance.

As said by the CIO Mr John Cheow: “Our experience as entrepreneurs has made us realize how hard it is to access capital when you need it the most. Because of this, we identify and empathize with others like us, and want to help individuals, and small and medium enterprises, who need access to credit facilities.”

Bringing a revolution to financial market

Crawfort was founded eight years ago in 2011, the Fintech has successfully driven innovation and excitement on the emergence of smart digital processes. With these capabilities in capacity, the Fintech was able to reach a new high in providing smooth flow of internal processes and efficiently assigning resources to achieve greater results and productivity.

Now, Crawfort is the most trusted financial firm offering a wide range of loans ranging from personal, business to bridging, for a wide range of customers. The firm has seen an upward growth in returning customers which is a sign of its quality of service and appeal of its comprehensive range of products. Serving as further evidence of its excellent customer service standards and delivery, Crawfort has achieved around96 percent customer satisfaction reviews.

 Mr James Cheow, the CEO of Crawfort once said: “At Crawfort, customers are our primary focus. Sincerity, respect, and empathy are at the heart of our corporate culture and we believe excellent customer service is a direct reflection of these values.

We build trust through the way we’ve approached customer service, and we place a huge emphasis on building a partnership with our customers. We treat every customer with the utmost respect, and we like to make them feel at home. Over time, because of this, we have come to gain their trust and confidence.”

Pioneering the new ways

Even though the government’s implementation of new rules for moneylending, which has largely reduced the industry in terms of a number of lenders, Crawfort has stayed updated with these changes and has witnessed even faster growth. Through implementing new ideas and its approach as a whole to conducting business, it has looked to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack and is continually changing perceptions around moneylending.

Crawfort offers the best customer service and hospitality. It conducts transfers in a comfortable and welcoming environment and provides prompt service delivery through quality customer care. Its onboarding and approval processes also provide customers with a simple and seamless experience in applying for access to credit facilities.

Crawfort attracts the new generations of customers who are seeking an intuitive and impeccable user experience. Crawfort has employed the use of efficient solutions to process its loan applications using custom made algorithmic formulas in its predictive scoring credit methodologies. Crawfort’s approval process is fast and delivers responsible lending, it does not compromise on compliance and face-to-face customer screening.

Additionally, Mr John Cheow: “We’ve always sought to be a pioneer in the industry in many respects. For instance, we were the first moneylending business to use AXS and SAM machines and post offices for repayment transactions. Thanks to our adoption of the best of today’s technology, we have optimized internal processes, and this has translated to happy customers.”

How to make the most of a failed business strategy

failed business strategy

As an entreprenur, you must know that failure is inevitable but to achieve success you must move forward. Keep a positive mindset and a flexible attitude. It is important to learn from the mistakes and what makes them succeed from previous business owners. A real entrepreneur is not defined by its failures but by how he overcomes that. Following are some ways to get rid of failures and let your business thrive.

You should be ready for every kind of failure either it is in the form of loss of buyers or product etc. Before initiating your business you must set a vision. It will guide you and give you clarity.

To overcome the failure you must know what is going wrong. You must take feedback from your customers it will tell what is missing or flawed in your business. Then make every effort to correct it. You should not be emotional about your business and keep yourself separate from the business. You must run your business like an owner without letting your emotions come between. You must not take money out from your business to quickly and continue investing and reinvesting it. It is irresponsible to eat money from your business just because you are the boss. Your team is what matters for a successfull business. Choose your team carefull. Choose a competitive, capable and skilled team then trust your team. You must make your team believe that this business is as much theirs as yours. Some people just work for their paychecks and have no interest in your ideas behind the business. Such type of people will harm your business.

A fundamental part of the business is to satisfy your customers. Give them what they want. Try to gain their trust. Demand and supply is the core of your business. Find out what your customers desire and try to fulfill them. Your business will not flourish by just one client, continue the search for new clients and add them. Invest in a low budget advertising agency.

Constantly keep a check on your business. Know your strengths, weakness, and profits. Monitor your accounts and all your collected data. If you have faced some problem try to get to its roots. Remain ready to make some hard decisions. Know your errors, either you are paying more salaries than the income you earn or the product is more expensive than its price. Lay off some staff if you need to manage your budget. Remember nothing comes before business.

Keep yourself aware of your surrounding especially your competitors. Know your state policy, most states and countries have laws that promote small business by cutting off some slack and taxes. If your company is still failing to review all the assets. They might be the only money you got. Some time assets act as a lifeline to keep you in the run further. Don’t make emotional decisons especially in dire circumstances. Don’t sell your products and machinery on a hasten impulse because there are a lot of people that will use your these costly mistakes for themselves.

In Singapore, what action a debt collector can take and how to deal with them?

debt collection in Singapore

Singaporeans feelings about debt collectors can sum up in the classic images of a pig’s head or O$P$ splattered in red on corridor walls. But in reality, of the debt collectors’ actions can still come close on harassment. So, if you are having difficulty in paying your bills, then you might receive the unwanted attention from a debt collector. 

What do debt collectors do? 

Banks can lose a large amount of money each to clients who don’t make the repayments. For them, it is necessary to invest in a means of clawing back the money that clients owed to them. Mostly, this task is given to a debt collection agency. These agencies work for the company and chase the debtor to retrieve the money from them. For example, if a person doesn’t pay their credit card bills, the bank will hire a debt collector to bring the money back. 

How far can debt collectors do? 

It is considered as illegal for debt collection agencies to run around sticking pigs’ heads on client’s doors. But these things don’t bother most of the debt collector as the use many other scary tactics e.g., hanging up banners telling the world that you owe money or banging your doors and windows.  

There is an industry Code of Ethics set up by the Credit Collection Association of Singapore, which settles the dispute between the collection agencies and debtors. But the Credit Collection Association of Singapore lacks the power to enforce the code. 

Illegal for debt collectors 

Bad news for debtors is that there no law controlling or supervising these debt collection agencies. That means they can do anything like a regular entity. Still, it is necessary to know about the actions of the debt collector to make sure he/she doesn’t do anything that is against the law or illegal. Here are a few examples of actions that could get a debt collector in trouble with the law. 


By using any mean of abusive, insulting, or threating words that make you feel harassed. The wrong behavior, rude or insulting communication can constitute to harassment. If they manage to cause actual violence or their actions evoke you to believe that the unlawful violence will be used against you by them, then call the police. 

Unlawful assembly  

If the mob of angry men sends by the debt collection agency, then there is an excellent reason to call the cops for illegal assembly. Any gathering of five to six people can be considered as offender if you show that they intend to commit something offensive or to put you under the threat of physical harm. At Funan, a group of seven debt collection agency employees was arrested for unlawful gathering at a food court stall in 2015. 

Damaging or taking possession of debtors’ belongings  

Many debt collectors might try to scare you that they will seize your TV or will tow your car away if you are not willing to pay back the money, but all these are just talking. In reality, they need a writeup from the court in order to seize your belongings. 

Violence and Intimidation  

It is illegal and against the law to use abusive, threatening, or insulting words or behavior with the objective to cause you to believe that they can use any physical violence against you or can provoke you. Shouting vulgarities or banging on doors can be standard practices used by debt collectors. Call the police if you feel threatened. 


There is no mystery that what happened to Sticker Lady and Michael Fay. In case the debt collector sticks any poster, banner or advertisement on your property, spray paint on the property, damage or destroy your belongings, then they can be charged for the act of vandalism. 

How to deal with debt collectors? 

Here is the bad news for you, you can’t hide anywhere but all you can do is run. For a short time, you might be able to dodge the debt collectors, but as soon as your debt is getting out of control, you will find your property, your car and other belonging starting to seized and sold for the debt recovery. 

Try to face the debt collector and don’t get feared by him/her. If they try to cross their limits or don’t anything against the law, then call the police for your safety. Remember that they often have the ability to act as a mediator between your creditors and you. 

Instead of running away, try to find a solution or bargain with the debt collector that how you can repay the money. You might be able to get the help to lower the interest rate or to negotiate an installment plan.


Do Successful Entrepreneurs always take big risks?


Entrepreneurs are the persons who start their own small business. These are the people who’re capable of doing a successful business because of their sharp minds and intellectual talents. Basically, they start their business on a small basis and take high steps to change their lives. 

Entrepreneurs take risky steps for the business anyhow these steps provide loss in the start but they’re very beneficial for the future. 

Are you looking to start your own small business and feeling worried about the growth? Seriously speaking the risky steps are the crucial part of every business and without them, the business cannot go high.

Why successful entrepreneurs always take big risks?

The successful entrepreneurs always take the big steps to grow their small business to the high mountains. Let’s discuss the reasons behind them.

  • As you take more steps you become more aware of the business rules. You start feeling confident as you gain the knowledge of all the tools, procedures and the methods. This thing makes them fear free and they start learning more because of the new risks every time.
  • You set your daily goals and move from impossible to possible. The entrepreneurs divide their daily tasks and start making dollars on a daily basis. No doubt they have to face some loss mainly in the start but this loss is far better. The small loss can be compensated through daily profits.
  • The successful entrepreneurs take the regular risky steps which make them unstoppable towards the destination.
  • If you don’t take the risks and don’t keep the daily investments surely you’ll be able to gain much success. If you do a tiny investment surely you’ll gain a very small profit. If you spend much on the products, website designing, marketing, advertising surely you’ll get a large number of customers in a very short time. The money costing factors can put a lot of benefit for the profit of the future.
  • Learn about the business very carefully and do regular research for development. Do the best practices for the success of your business. Make the checklists and the handbooks for the ways to go to a higher level.
  • The regular risk takers become so confident about the flaws of the business. It makes them succeed in the future. These risks make them much aware of the ups and downs. In this way, they don’t take any harmful steps in the future.
  • More experiments make you learn fast and do proper planning. The risks boost communication skills and make new customers. New risks lead towards new improved services. New innovations move you towards new ideas and success.
  • As the market grows much fast and the new services always impress the customers. Taking new risks make you learn the new ways thus there’re higher chances of your business growth.
  • The risks save your business from the economic downturn. When you face competition you get awareness about the products and the prices in the market.

In the last, it has been clear that the risks give greater chances for the establishment of your business and you become confident in persuading the customers towards you.

1AP Capital Pte. Ltd.

1AP Capital Pte. Ltd.

1AP Capital is a highly professional licensed money lender company. It issues Personal loans, Renovation Packages, Business loans, and Education loans. 1AP Capital is the ultimate solution to all emergency cash situations. They believe in service excellence. Being a foreigner meeting all the financial needs could be tricky, flexible 1AP Capital foreigner loans can make your stay longer and easier. 1AP Capital has helped thousands of foreigners to access easy financing over the year.  

Borrowing unlicensed money is illegal in Singapore. So, be very careful while getting loans. 1AP Capital company is Licensed, legal, and reputable Money Lender in Singapore specially for foreigners.

Loan Packages:

We have a trained team of loan assistance to help our clients to get the best loan product. Their financial advisors will look at your income and advice you loan products accordingly.

Here is the detail of the loan offered by 1AP Capital.

Personal Loan: In life we all short for money sometimes.  For our financial shortfalls, 1AP Capital has a solution in the form of personal loans. A personal loan is a kind of loan which helps you meet your current financial needs. You usually don’t need to submit any security and collateral while getting a personal loan plus you have the flexibility to use this money the way you want.  

Fast Cash Loans: Getting a loan in Singapore on poor credit history is very tough. But 1AP Capital offers you fast cash loans to meet your daily financial issues. This loan is the best alternative to traditional financial loans because they are easily accessible. You get the money in 30 minutes.

Foreigner loans: Now foreigners can apply for “Foreigner loan” in their financial needs with all the benefits that they deserve. It involves a simple process that is not demanding and has no restrictions. Credit 21 gives financial freedom to foreigners to cover their expenses. 

Wedding Loans: A wedding is the most important event in any person’s life.  But having a perfect and grand wedding costs you much. We ensure to make your life-changing event luxurious. Get an affordable wedding loan to fund your big day through our easy application process.

Home Renovation Loans: Renovate your ideal home with the help of 1Ap Capital Renovation Loan. After getting keys to your dream house, first, you want to do is to renovate your home. It can include; change the flooring, repaint the house, and much more. 1AP Capital will borrow you the 6X amount of your monthly income. Single applicant and the joint applicants can request for this loan.

Payday Loans: Unlike other loans, applying for a payday loan is very easy and fast.  Credit 21 offers you the facility to apply online. Start your payday loan application from the comfort of your home.

Things to know before applying for a loan:

One should be very careful with their finances. If you need extra cash and planning to get cash, there are some important points that you should know before getting a loan.

  • The bank should be licensed with the government.
  • The bank should be flexible. 
  • The bank should have a physical address. 
  • The bank doesn’t rush you in any loan but gives you financial advice first. 
  • The bank should have good customer reviews and rating.  
  • The bank should have clear documentation.
  • The financial advisors should be responsible, honest and patient.
  • The bank doesn’t have hidden terms and conditions. 

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to get loans, you must fulfill certain criteria.

For Singaporean:

  • The borrower’s age should be between 21 and 65.
  • Minimum monthly income of RM 3,000 
  • He/She should not be an undischarged bankrupt.
  • Must have a valid proof of income.
  • Original IC.

For Foreigner:

  • The borrower’s age should be between 21 and 65.
  • Minimum monthly income of RM 3,000 
  • Billing proof.
  • Valid Work permit.
  • He/She should not be an undischarged bankrupt.

How much you can borrow?

1AP Capital offers you a variety of loan packages. Pick one which suits you the most.

  •  If your annual income is less than S$ 20,000 you can borrow up to S$3,000.
  • If your annual income is S$ 20,000 or more you can borrow up to 2X of your monthly income.
  • If your annual income is S$ 30,000 or more you can borrow up to 4X of your monthly income.
  • If your annual income is S$ 120,000 you can borrow up to 8X of your monthly income.
  • You can borrow any amount of money if your annual income is more than S$120,000.

Interest Rates & Repayment Methods:

Most people had hard times while getting loans because interest rates happened to change during the tenure period. That was a hard thing for borrowers to digest. So, in October “Moneylending Advisory Committee” introduced a 4% cap interest rate. 1AP Capital follows this rule strictly. 

Their promise is to give you a loan package that you can easily pay. But if you still have a problem and unable to pay a loan. You can contact with their assistants they will give you an alternative repayment schedule. You can make repayments through Cheque, Cash, and transfer funds via online baking.

There are different methods of repayment.  Equal repayments: This is a good way to repay your loan throughout the tenure period repayment amount remains the same. Choose Equal installments when you are willing to pay a large amount of money as installments at the beginning of the tenure period. You pay an equal amount of money in the entire tenure period in the Fixed Equal Payment method.

News Room:

1AP Capital’s newsroom is full of new and unique loan packages. Let’s take a quick look at 2019 latest loan packages.

Foreign Domestic Helper Loans: Singapore is one of the best places to work as a foreign maid but sometimes things get tough. Singapore has a high cost of living and even considered among the most expensive countries in the world even with a good salary one might be forced to seek alternatives to get through your next paycheck. Foreign domestic worker loans help to rescue in this case.

Weight loss loan: Having a dream body without going to the gym is everyone’s wish. But it costs you a lot of money. If you are lack of funds to have better weight loss surgery, don’t worry.  We offer you wonderful weight loss loan packages at low-interest rates.

Customer Reviews:

1AP Capital Pte.Ltd is a licensed moneylender in Singapore. The company was established with the vision of providing competitive services to the public. The world of marketing has been changed now and social media reviews are important for your brand’s reputation. Customer reviews ensure that your business is genuine and you are providing real services.

“Extra fast services!  the loan officer describes the loan services in a very simple manner for me to understand. I’ll get a loan from them if required.” ~Jimmy shed.

“I’ve been their customer for quite a while, they always help me when I have many outstanding loans. Thank you!” ~Lauren Warren.

1AP Capital Pte.Ltd has got a 3.8/5 rating. It is the #1 reliable moneylending brand in Singapore and recommended by hundreds of people.


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